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20 Historical Women
Who Changed the World

Created by the artist Chinwe Russell, the Historical Women Who Changed the World exhibition is a journey, a bold; colourful, educational and historically inspired body of work which gives an insight into the lives of some incredible women from around the world. Their work in different sectors such as science, medicine, politics, architecture, environmental science and engineering have had a massive impact on the contemporary world and continue to do so.

The collection contains some well-known modern and historical figures seen in a different light such as Marie Curie, Zaha Hadid, and Florence Nightingale, but most importantly, it also contains many lesser-known women whose work continue to shape our  daily lives, such as Wangari Maathai, Stephanie Kwolek, Dr Marie Maynard Daly, Gerty Cori, and many others.

Carefully selected from hundreds of possible candidates, spanning from the 1500s to this century, this collection celebrates all that represents strength, courage, perseverance and determination. Aimed at the general public, this exhibition is ideal for science centres, museums and art galleries, as well as educational establishments. 

In Chinwe’s usual vibrant style, she seeks to remind visitors of the powerhouse that women represent across the globe. It is a truly incredible exhibition that will inspire and engage audiences of all ages.

All images © Chinwe Russell

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