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Warren Elsmore

Brick Wonders LEGO® brick exhibition

Brick Wonders has been created by Warren Elsmore a LEGO® brick artist. Beginning with the seven wonders of the ancient world, the exhibition also takes in modern, natural, and historic wonders from all seven continents. Visitors can journey from Egyptian pyramids to the bustle of Old London Bridge, to the awesome night skies of the Aurora Australis and marvel at a centrepiece installation of the Great Barrier Reef. Built of over 500,000 LEGO® bricks this exhibition will appeal to enthusiasts of anthropology, ancient history, architecture, science, and social history. Additional themed engagement activities are also available for venues to hire. Brick Wonders works particularly well in venues where it can tie in with collections of anthropology, ancient history and architecture, science and social history, although it also functions as an entirely self-contained attraction. All models are also featured in Warren’s book Brick Wonders.

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