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British Wildlife
Photography Awards

The British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA) were established to recognise the incredible talents of photographers practising in Britain, whilst at the same time highlighting the great wealth and diversity of Britain’s natural history.

This highly acclaimed and exceptional wildlife photography exhibition captivates visitors with outstanding and beautiful imagery. It is a celebration of British wildlife, as well as a showcase for the country’s leading nature photographers. This is the first time a photographic show has brought together such a comprehensive collection of stunning wildlife imagery from all over the UK and is uniquely British. 

Resulting from an annual competition, this exhibition is a regular fixture in venue calendars.  From London to Beijing, the BWPA has been seen and adored by hundreds of thousands of fans, and delights new and loyal audiences year after year.

Banner Images
© BWPA Competition – Courtesy of Banbury Museum and Gallery 

Gallery Images
© BWPA Competition “Willughby’s Leafcutter Bee” by Ed Phillips

© BWPA Competition “A Poet’s Lunch” by Matt Doogue
© BWPA Competition “Hitching a Lift” by James Roddie
© BWPA Competition “Sleeping With Dandelions” by Lewis Newman

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